Tidal House: Amenities

Tidal House: The Perfect Beach Getaway

Welcome to Tidal House, your cozy beach escape located in the heart of Ocean Shores. With just a short stroll away from the beach, our 10 Chalet-style houses are perfect for a beach getaway. These recently renovated Chalets are designed for you to experience the ideal blend of modern comfort and classic style. The Tidal House is more than just a place to stay. It’s the perfect spot for a beach vacation. Our amenities make your stay and experience truly unforgettable. Each house is thoughtfully crafted to ensure a seamless fusion of relaxation and convenience, promising a stay beyond expectations. Explore the nature of Tidal House, where cozy accommodations meet the appeal of the ocean, setting the stage for an exceptional vacation experience. Stay tuned as we unveil the unique amenities that make Tidal House the ultimate retreat by the sea. Learn more about our story and history. 

Tidal House Ocean Shores Hotel

Our Amenities


Indulge in premium in-room entertainment at Tidal House, located in the picturesque Ocean Shores, Washington. Our Hotel boasts high-definition TVs for a visual feast, providing the perfect blend of comfort and enjoyment. Explore a diverse array of channels with our comprehensive cable TV offering, catering to various tastes—from news to international programming. At Tidal House, we redefine relaxation, ensuring a seamless blend of modern comfort and entertainment for an unforgettable experience.


Experience a cozy retreat at Tidal House, where climate control ensures your perfect atmosphere. At the Tidal House, find convenience in our thoughtfully provided hair dryers, meeting your hair grooming needs effortlessly. At Tidal House, we prioritize your comfort and convenience, curating a stay where every detail contributes to a seamless and delightful experience.

Safety and Security

Your comfort and safety are the highest priorities at Tidal House. Each room is equipped with a smoke detector, ensuring a secure environment throughout your stay. In addition to safety measures, we prioritize your peace of mind with surveillance systems, offering an extra layer of security. At Tidal House, we are dedicated to creating an environment where you can relax and enjoy your time, knowing that your safety and security are integral to our commitment to your well-being.

Bathroom Essentials

Elevate your bathing experience with our thoughtful bathroom essentials at Tidal House. Enjoy complimentary soap, shampoo, and conditioner providing a refreshing touch to your daily routine. At Tidal House, we understand the importance of these details, aiming to make your stay not just comfortable but also indulgent, ensuring you feel pampered throughout your time with us.

Kitchen And Cooking Facilities

Our kitchen at Tidal House is fully equipped for your culinary needs. With a modern stovetop, well-appointed crockery cutlery, and pots and pans, you’ll find everything you need to prepare delicious meals. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or just warming up a quick bite, our oven has you covered. Kickstart your day with a fresh cup of coffee brewed from our coffee maker, and keep your snacks and beverages chilled in the fridge. We provide cooking basics for your convenience, ensuring a straightforward and enjoyable cooking experience during your stay.

Connectivity and Convenience

Stay seamlessly connected with our high-speed internet WiFi at Tidal House, ensuring you can effortlessly stay in touch with work, friends, and family. Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary parking, making your stay hassle-free and accessible. Unwind and take in the surroundings on your own terms with a private balcony or terrace, providing a breath of fresh air and scenic views. At Tidal House, we prioritize connectivity, convenience, and relaxation to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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Ready for the ultimate beach retreat? Book Tidal House now for modern comfort, entertainment, and relaxation. Our cozy Chalet-style houses, a short stroll from Ocean Shores beach, are your perfect haven. Indulge in premium amenities, prioritize safety, and create unforgettable memories by the sea. Secure your spot at Tidal House today – your beachfront paradise awaits!